2018 World Cup- Fun Facts About the Tournament

The 2018 World Cup is set to kick off in Russia on the 14th of June. As we all gear up for the excitement of this incredible event, bettors are looking at the betting odds and performances of their favourite teams. But knowing a little more about the event, and the 20 editions that came before it, will get you even more interested and involved.

No Indoor Sports Allowed

A lot of coaches believe sex distracts players and wastes their energy, so it is banned for the duration of the tournament. Athletes on the German, Mexican, Spanish and other national teams have had to follow this rule in the past.

A Birth Rate Boost

Footballers themselves may not be allowed to get it on, but the 2018 World Cup could well cause a rise in Russian births as everyone else gets busy. This has been seen in many host countries in the past, and is attributed to greater consumption of beer and the general happy atmosphere – apparently this makes women release hormones that make it easier for them to get pregnant. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in Russia during the March and April of 2019!

Protecting the Trophy in Wartime

In World War II, FIFA Vice President Ottorino Barassi was concerned that the valuable prize would be stolen by Nazis, which is happened with so many important pieces of art. The Italian smuggled it out of a bank in Rome, and kept it under his bed for most of the 1940s.

Getting Out of A Pickle

The intriguing history of the actual silverware covers much more than a few years hidden under a bed. During the run-up to the England-hosted 1966 games, when it had already been renamed the Jules Rimet Trophy, it was stolen from its display in the Westminster Central Hall.

To this day, no one is sure how the heist took place or if the man who demanded ransom actually had the stolen item. What we do know is that Pickles the border collie found it in a hedge while being taken for a walk, saving the day. He lapped up the attention and plaudits he got, and added even more romance to the prize legends.

The Most and the Least Time on the Field

Brazil, who will be playing in the 2018 World Cup, has the most wins of any country and has been crowned champion 5 times. Germany and Italy, who respectively will and will not be in Russia this year, have each triumphed 4 times.

On the other hand, the team with the least appearances on this international Football stage is Indonesia. The Red and Whites ran out only once, all the way back in 1938, and were eliminated by Hungary.

Other Notable Records

  • Highest Scoring Game: Austria defeating Switzerland 7-5, in 1954
  • Most Draws: Italy, with 21
  • Biggest Losses Tally: Mexico, with 25 – but they do also have 14 draws and 14 wins
  • Most Goals Scored by One Player in a Single Match: Russia’s Oleg Salenko, during a Group Phase game against Cameroon in 1994
  • Oldest Scorer Ever: Roger Milla, who scored for Cameroon in the same game that brought Salenko his 5-goal glory. He was 42 at the time

No Bigger Sporting Event

In total almost half of the globe’s 7.05 billion people watch various parts of the competition, making it the most widely-viewed tournament on earth. There’s little wonder that there is always so much hype, enjoyment and national pride involved, something that is sure to continue at the 2018 World Cup!