2018 World Cup Golden Boot Contenders and Past Winners

The Golden Boot, formally known as the Golden Shoe, is one of the most prestigious awards given away at the world’s biggest football tournament. As the 2018 World Cup draws near, speculation mounts as to who will receive the accolade this time round.

The award is given to the player who scores the most goals in the tournament. From 1930 through to 1978 there was no official award to recognise the talented players whose skills went above and beyond that of their teammates, however, their goals were noted. In fact, it was during this time that one of the greatest footballers scored the most goals in a Cup.

The Record Holders

In 1958, Frenchman Just Fontaine scored 13 goals in just 6 matches at the 1958 World Cup in Sweden. In doing so, he set the record for the highest number of goals in a single tournament. The closest anyone has come to his score was in 1954 when the Hungarian Sándor Kocsis scored 11 goals. Since then, the only other person to score in double digits was German Gerd Müller, who scored 10 gaols in 1970 and key players in the 2018 World Cup will be looking to equal or better this record.

Former Boot Winners

The 1982 event was the first to hand out an award for the top goal scorer. It was called the Golden Shoe, which later changed to Golden Boot in 2010. Since 1982, the average score for the winner has been six goals in the tournament. The list of winners includes football greats like the Italian Paolo Rossi, England’s Garry Lineker, Davor Šuker from Croatia and of course Ronaldo from Brazil.

In Recent years, Germany’s Thomas Müller picked up the award in 2010, while the talented Colombian James Rodríguez won in Brazil, scoring 6 goals.

2018 Golden Boot Contenders

With the 2018 World Cup just a few days away, we take a look at the players who will be the most likely candidates for the 2018 Golden Boot.

First up on the list is Thomas Müller. The German currently has the honour of being the highest scorer in WC history. Not only did he win the Boot in 2010, he has been consistent throughout his time in the German team. This football season, he scored a total of 16 goals with 16 assists, which is impressive to say the least. He also has the talents of the reigning Champs to back him up.


Second in the list of prospective Boot winners is Neymar. Having fully recovered from his injuries, Neymar will the most rested player at the tournament and one of the most talented. Let’s not forget that Neymar was responsible for slotting in 27 goals for his French side.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo might not have the best record at the WC, but he should not be discounted. After a disappointing first-half of the season, Ronaldo proved why he is one of the best in the world.  Unlike his rival Messi, Ronaldo does not have to focus on midfield and can play freely upfront, which could mean a host of goals for Portugal.

Lionel Messi

Most people think Messi should be much higher on the list, but the disappointing way in which Argentina qualified for the 2018 World Cup puts some doubt on the proficiency of the team as a whole. The brilliance of Messi is only possible if he is given the opportunity to score. That being said, he is the one person that can make his own luck on the field.

Antoine Griezmann

France has a particularly strong squad this year, and Griezmann is certainly their secret weapon. With 29 goals this season, he is a strong candidate for the Golden Boot award and a boost to a side that focuses on defence. Partnering up with Mbappe, the 2 strikers could just give France a decent shot at the 2018 World Cup title.