Two Top NBA Teams Headed For NBA 2K21

Jake Cooper | 02 Sep 2020

Two Top NBA Teams Headed For NBA 2K21It’s finally official. September 4’s annual NBA 2K update will see the 2018-19 Raptors and the 2016-17 Warriors added to the game’s portfolio – with each of the two teams this year set to make their respective big-gaming debuts.

All of this obviously means that come September 4, NBA gaming fans will be able to relive all those wonderful glory-moments their beloved Warriors and Raptors are traditionally known for. And even though the newest two teams scheduled for inclusion will only be available in quick-game mode, getting to play with two of the most amazing squads of players in the history of the NBA makes it easy to look past small and insignificant limitations.

What To Expect

But exactly how good were the 2016-17 Warriors and 2018-19 Raptors in anyway? Especially fans of rival teams may be wondering whether the hype will ultimately turn out to be worth all the excitement. The short and only answer: absolutely – yes, and yes another time over.

While the Golden State Warriors squad of 2015-16 was statistically the best Warriors team in the entire history of the franchise, that year’s finals loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers would ultimately end up creating one of the strongest and most tenacious forces the NBA would get to witness the very next season. And the reason for this is stupidly obvious. His name is All-Stars NBA magic man Kevin Durant.

Suddenly boosted by an incredible total of 4 All-Stars players, the 2016-17 Warriors discovered themselves instantly transformed into what would ultimately be named one of the strongest NBA teams of all times. Winning two championship titles in a space of 3 years is no small feat, after all.

The Squad That Changed It All

Which brings us to the second NBA 2K addition for the year and the very reason the Warriors’ reign of terror eventually went up in flames. Because then in 2018-19 arrived on the scene the legendary Kawhi Leonard and his Toronto Raptors.

It all started with Leonard having moved on from the Spurs and stating his intentions of trekking North. This ultimately led to a record trade involving two top NBA franchises agreeing to break even by swopping their two top players. Replacing super talent DeMar DeRozan, Leonard literally got off to a flying start once in Canada.

And so eventually was born a stellar cast consisting of some of the biggest names ever to have played the hoops game – Danny Green, Pascal Siakam, Marc Gason, Fred VanVleet - you name them, and they’re bound to have been there. And soon, they’ll all be making their way off the court and onto our screens.