3/1 Chance Marco Asensio Will Join Anfield

Jake Cooper | 28 Apr 2017

3/1 Chance Marco Asensio Will Join AnfieldAlthough Liverpool already has a remarkably strong forward line, Jurgen Klopp has actively been bidding to add Marco Asensio to the team. In the latest sporting news, Klopp has purportedly offered Real Madrid a massive £42 million for their young forward to join Liverpool’s Anfield ranks.

However, Real certainly seem opposed to the amount that Klopp has offered for Asensio. The club who signed the player for £3 million when he was just 21 years old, have deemed their opposition’s offer of tens of millions of Pounds both unfair and unacceptable.

However, despite the Reds having their first bid rejected by the team, new odds have suggested that they won’t be giving up their pursuit to acquire the Spanish international just yet. The bookies say that Asensio’s odds of signing up to play with Liverpool next are a whopping 3/1 – signalling that it may just be a matter of time before the Reds get their wish.

Punters Put Their Money On Ace Moving To Liverpool

Of course, experts consider it unlikely that Zinedine Zidane will be pleased to see Madrid’s future football star leave the team before he’s had sufficient chances to prove his skills in the first team. With that said, betting and trading experts already have their money on Ace’s possible move into Anfield terrain.

Asensio has already played for Madrid in no less than 17 games in this year’s league, and already has 3 goals to his name. Interestingly, all of the goals in question were scored in games in which the star player started for Los Blancos.

Asensio to Replace Philippe Countinho Should He Join Camp Nou

As for the Real Madrid player’s future move to Liverpool, experts reckon it’s only a matter of months before Anfield adds the ace to its ranks. Klopp spent a record £67 million on new signings last year alone, and it’s highly likely that he will be given another massive sum to bargain with when this season ends and the transfer window period opens.

However, Klopp’s signing budget may still be affected by the sale of previous Anfield player Philippe Coutinho, who has been rumoured to be joining Barcelona over the past few months. Despite the player having extended his contract with Liverpool early in the year, the Brazilian may still leave Merseyside and move to Camp Nou as a long term replacement for the legendary Andres Iniesta.

If this happens, Liverpool will need to replace the 24 year old player in record time – and this would be Asensio’s future role in the team if he accepts. In the meantime, the Reds are pulling out all the stops to offer him a sum he simply can’t refuse.