Brandon Staley The Most Aggressive NFL Coach In 2021

William Manwaring - 03 Mar 2022

The NFL has released the names of the most aggressive coaches in the league in 2021, based around the so called Aggressiveness Index. The list is compiled by an AI, though the baselines for the metrics have recently been recalibrated. Most of the names did not raise any eyebrows, though there were a few names that came as a bit of a surprise.

As it stands, the list goes as follows, from last to first; Nick Sirianni, Matt LaFleur, Dan Campbell, Kevin Stefanski, Kliff Kingsbury, Brandon Staley.

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Why The Metric Changes

Given the advancing world of NFL, and how the performance of coaches is measured, the aggressiveness metrics have had to be changed. Based on if a coach will or won’t go for it on the fourth down has always been seen as a good indication of aggression, and if that is indeed the case then coaches are drastically more aggressive than they were just a few seasons ago.

Having to be taken into account is what the average was, and what it has become, which has drastically shaken up the formula.

With that being said, the Aggressiveness Index first came about via Pro Football Prospectus in 2006, with the intention of rating coaches on their decission around fourth downs. Or otherwise based around the tendency to go for it in any given situation. At the time the base average was set as 1.0. If that same average is used today, virtually every coach comes in at 1.0

Still A Star In The NFL

Regardless of being rated on the list of the most aggressive, it turns out that Sirianni is still highly regarded for his performance. Sirianni formerly worked with Frank Reich, who shared a few thoughts regarding a coach rated as amongst the most aggressive. Which just goes to show that although aggression is often frowned upon, it doesn’t mean that games aren’t still being won, and positive results aren’t being readily delivered.

Reich explained that Sirianni has an incredible gift for aggressive thinking, combined with a true ability to connect with the players. Reich elaborated that Sirianni conveys, admirably, exactly what must be done to win a match. He added that the coach manages to keep things under control even after a game has had a slow start, ultimately turning around games that seem to be on a downward spiral. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details