Amazon Alexa Skill to Change Sports Betting

Jake Cooper | 15 Aug 2018

Amazon AlexaAmazon’s Alexa has become a household name and a voice every bit as familiar in many families, as if the AI had been there from the start, and just another one of the members of the house. Independent Content Services (ICS), a digital media service provider, has added yet another very special touch the voice assistant, and just in time for the upcoming new Premier League Season.

A ClubCall Brand Product

Amazon Alexa Skill is a ClubCall brand product and the final touches to the newest feature available on the device have just been completed. This time round, the lucky recipients are fans of sports betting, as the latest feature to have been added to the AI’s repertoire, is one of sports betting tips and hints.

The feature is activated by simply issuing the instruction to open ClubCall. Not only will Alexa Skill be in the know about what’s happening in the world of local as well as international sports and sports betting, but the feature also includes team news and league updates, match info and audio blasts for important events during the matches played.

Innovative And Interactive

Alexa, as well as other similar AI services, are all about moving away from the action of having to sit slouched over a computer or laptop screen. Director at Independent Content Services, Ian Holding, is of the opinion that this is exactly why voice services are becoming increasingly more popular all over the world. It’s simply a much better and more versatile way of interacting with digital media, and with important advancements such those applied to Alexa Skill, its without a doubt the way of the future.

According to Holding, ClubCall Alexa was well received in the beta testing phase and is now ready to make its way into households all over the world. The official version will be made available to operators and online bookmakers during the coming months.

Interestingly enough, Paddy Power had already experimented with a similar idea, but the latest developments made by ICS is a practical step towards making the sports betting service completely accessible and fully functional.