Carmelo Anthony Focuses On Winning

Jake Cooper - 04 Oct 2021

In the not so distant past, it seemed like NBA player, Carmelo Anthony, would never find a roster spot. It looked like it may be the untimely end of his basketball career. But things are looking up for Anthony now as he is in a training camp with LeBron James, one of his close friends, and the Los Angeles Lakers. Anthony was one of the La Lakers key offseason signings.

Anthony is about to enter his 19th season and he is still waiting to get his first championship under his belt. This being one of his main motivations behind signing with the Lakers, and why he isn’t fussy about what role he is placed in.

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Anthony’s Future with the Lakers

A few years ago, Anthony attempted to get himself back into league play. While he was doing so, one of the biggest things on everyone’s mind was if he would be flexible for the sake of the team and take whatever role he was given. Anthony was a talented force to be reckoned with, at the top of the NBA food chain and everyone wondered what his reaction would be when he entered the league again.

Now that Anthony is training for the Lakers he seems to have a really calm attitude about his positioning. He has come onto the team to help take them to victory, and that is all he is concerned about.

The Lakers are one of the preseason favourites to win the tournament, which seems to be giving Anthony the humbled confidence boost he needed to be a team player.

Anthony isn't going to be one of the primary players on this roster. However, he will be seen on the court showing off his legendary 3 point shooting more often than not.

Last season, Anthony shot an incredible 40.9 percent from 3-point land, which was a high for him in his career. One of his many talents that will prove useful for the Lakers this season, will be his capability to maximise the floor to the team’s advantage.

Anthony Speaks Up

Anthony recently shared some thoughts on how he was feelings going into this new season with the Lakers and what position he might be assigned. First off he said that he wasn’t in the least bit concerned about his placement, all he wants to do is win.

Anthony shared that he wants to do whatever it takes to get a win, wherever that might be in the roster. He is looking forward to playing for his new team and calmly awaits whatever is next. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details