ATP Launch This Is Tennis Campaign

Jake Cooper | 10 Dec 2020

ATPThe ATP recently launched an exciting new worldwide marketing campaign hoping to promote the game, its players, and its tournaments with a fresh and dynamic new voice. “This Is Tennis” will reportedly focus on connecting with fans in a more culturally relevant way – and with a specific focus on a younger generation of tennis fans.

Seeing the campaign off the launch-pad is a high-energy film marked by edgy edits, dramatic representations, and a real-life glimpse into the many personalities involved in the sport at its highest levels. Also highlighted by the film are several iconic global tennis destinations, the dizzying pace of the ATP Tour, and the people who bring to the tour a world of drama, excitement, emotions, and personal experiences. 

Because It’s More Than A Sport

Tennis is more than just a sport, says ATP SVP of Marketing and Business Development, Dan Ginger. And the idea is for the campaign to showcase this to the rest of the world. More than some of the world’s top athletes competing for some of the tennis world’s hugest titles, the ATP Tour is about dedication, spirit, and a passion for the sport, explains Ginger. Essentially, tennis is a never-ending lifestyle constantly on the move, and a sport with unique entertainment value, which is exactly what the campaign hopes to drive home with fans.

The campaign is also the result of a creative storytelling process, says Ginger, and a storytelling process rooted in a superb pool of super-talented young players. There’s no shortage of personality in tennis, and at the same time also no shortage of true icons – players as well as legendary cities around the world.

The Team Behind The Team

Collaborating with the ATP on the project is leading London-based agency MATTA.

According to MATTA Executive Brand & Strategy Director Matt Hunt, what had ultimately proved the greatest challenge of all was the extensive and all-encompassing format of the campaign’s requirements as set out by the ATP. But in the end, said Hunt, once the beautifully simple “This Is Tennis” line had been landed, the rest all came together naturally.

The result of the creative efforts by MATTA and the ATP is a showcasing of the game in a powerful but also superbly alluring way – one that communicates the incredible colour and variety of a life on tour of a truly unique sport, said Hunt.