WTA And ATP Tennis Close To Total Merger

Jake Cooper - 20 Aug 2021

There is no question that the world health crisis has hugely impacted the world of tennis, at least as far as the 2020 calendar is concerned. This resulted in a near universal call for the governing bodies of the sport to merge, thereby drastically streamlining the community for the future. It now seems as if, after calls for streamlining were heard, the Woman’s Tennis Association (WTA) and the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) will be combining under a single umbrella.

Interestingly enough, the general streamlining of the tennis community has been a resounding success so far. Members of both organisations have sung the praise of the steps being taken, indicating that a new era for the sport is at hand.

It remains to be seen where the changes will go from here, but so far the transition is going smoothly.

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Exciting Time

Micky Lawler, WTA president, took the time to share a few thoughts. He first declared that it was an exciting time for tennis, elaborating that particularly interesting things were happening in regard to cooperation between the WTA and ATP. He went on to point out that the WTA had been given a new identity over the course of the year, which had also been well met by fans.

Lawler then explained that a marketing alliance had been achieved with the ATP, which in turn was being used to deliver ground-breaking storytelling content, all of which is aimed at taking tennis into a whole new, never before seen era.

This storytelling mention is in reference to the newly conceived Tennis United: Crosscourt show, a digital release that is aimed at telling the stories of professionals in the sport.

An Ongoing Challenge

These latest announcements are certainly good news for the world of tennis, but much still has to be done in order to achieve true unity. Although the game is massively popular around the world, the governing bodies that hold the community together have been fractured for some time. Organization of the global network has been spread between 7 different bodies for decades, including the International Tennis Federation, and 4 Grand Slam tournaments.

It took the world health crisis to finally make the 7 bodies see more eye to eye, giving birth to Tennis United, which has now been active since 2020. Fans of the game and professional players will all be eager to see what is next.

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