Betway Sponsorship Deals Covering All Bases

Jake Cooper | 19 Sep 2017

Betway Sponsorship Deals Covering All Bases Sponsorship of major sporting events and teams is always incredibly lucrative. Prime advertising space doesn’t come cheap, but it pays back in great dividends.

Since 2014, online gambling company Betway has sought to become a major player in the British market, largely through sponsorship deals. The brand has backed boxing, football, darts, snooker, horseracing, tennis and eSports events, and thus far, their efforts have been very successful.

The recent ban by Britain’s Football Association of any gambling-related sponsorship, following various controversies involving players and gambling makes it even more important for betting brands to spread their sports sponsorship nets wider. That’s just what Betway is doing, and it is benefitting both the company and the sponsored sports.

Betway Backing Soccer

The United Kingdom may be a market that Betway has pursued aggressively, but the brand has many other irons in the fire. While Britain’s Football Association may have banned gambling sponsorship, their counterparts in other countries have not. Betway does indeed still sponsor soccer teams around the world.

Currently the leading online bookmaker is the official betting partner of Werder Bremen, Union Berlin, Dynamo Dresden and other teams in the German Bundesliga. It also sponsors Belgium’s champions, RSC Anderlecht, and while Football Association events can no longer be sponsored, Betway is behind the Premier League West Ham United team. Plenty of soccer teams are still being looked after by the brand and they are definitely getting their name out there.

Fostering Sports Development through Sponsoring Onduparaka

It’s not only established, major teams in the soccer world that Betway sponsors. By backing Onduparaka Football Club, based in Uganda, the brand is giving the team much-needed resources to continue its incredible development.

Onduparaka started out as a student football team, but has risen meteorically to become the only West Nile side in the AZAM Premier League. Betway recognises what it has achieved and how much more potential there is in the team, and is helping to develop that.

The deal between Betway and Onduparaka means that the Betway logo is prominently displayed on the front of the Caterpillars’, as they are known; shirts and that the company offers management support and take care of player welfare too. Through this and other sponsorship deals, Onduparaka has managed to seriously upgrade its home stadium and to complete other projects. It’s philanthropic efforts like this that also help build a brand and Betway is behind this 100%.

Sponsoring eSports Team Ninjas in Pyjamas

Aside from the wide range of conventional sports markets that Betway offers to its punters, it is also among the strongest forces in the new arena of eSports. The Electronic Sports League is the biggest and oldest professional eSports organisation in the world, and hosts events around the globe. The bookmaker is just as interested in investing in eSports champions as in conventional sports champions.

Recently, Betway signed a sponsorship deal with Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP), an eSports team that is a force to be reckoned with, in the first-ever such deal for a UK-based bookie. Shirt branding, onsite branding at the NiP gaming house, content usage rights and full player access are all part of the deal which should help make Betway even more of a household name. For their part, NiP is said to be getting a pay cheque that is high into the 6 figures.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing though; Betway was forced to withdraw its sponsorship from NiP for the Riot Games, owing to strict regulations. But their relationship will continue in the Global Strike: Counter Offensive arena, so it should still be very lucrative.

Even with teething problems, Betway always comes out on top, and this gaming brand is clearly forging its way in the market with top sponsorship deals from across the board.