Raptors' Boucher Refocuses After Messy Start

Dean Riley - 07 Dec 2021

Chris Boucher has had a rough start to the NBA season, and now the player says that he needs to refocus his energies on just being himself and stop trying to prove a point. Especially a point he is failing to make.

Boucher’s revelation came about after he found himself as an afterthought in coach Nick Nurse's rotation. The shock made him come to his senses and the 28-year-old Montreal native got the wake up call of his life. The Raptors player signed a record-breaking contract extension worth US$13.5 million in 2020, and he’s under a lot of pressure to perform.

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Video Evidence A Turning Point

Boucher didn’t realise how bad he was playing until he sat down and watched a video of himself. He says seeing himself from another side was enlightening, and that the good was great, but the bad was very bad and he now understood where Nurse was coming from.

Now that he has seen the video, he believes he can turn things around. He knows where he is making mistakes on the floor and how he can change things to be a better team player.

At the heart of his issues is his 3-point shooting. He’s dropped from a 38.3 per cent from last season to a dismal 18.5 per cent this season. Boucher says he needs to stop trying to go for 3 pointers and focus on the game instead.

Still A Key Player

Initially, Boucher was a key player on the Raptor’s roster, but with his 3-point rating dropping so drastically, he was starting to put the team in jeopardy.

But all is not lost, as Sunday’s game against Washington saw the Raptor’s win 102-90, and it was Boucher’s best game of this season. He may have been a second-string player, but his energy was back, and he was ready to fight. Unfortunately, he missed a lone 3-point attempt, once again highlighting his problems, but once he shifted focus to doing what he excels in, it was a game changer.

Boucher says he can shoot, and he proved it last season, but for now he needs to do what he can – and there’s a lot he can contribute without shooting. For now, he’s studying film at least twice a day, watching and learning from his mistakes and meditating regularly.

The Raptors' athletic trainer Ray Chow suggested meditation and it’s helped Boucher regain his sense of calm and focus. He says he needs to be “the old Chris” and clear his head before he hits the floor. The rest will come naturally.

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