Molson Says Running Canadiens Two-Person Job

Sean Brayton - 05 Dec 2021

Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson reckons running his team is a two-person job.

Molson is clearly eager to make a final break from the Marc Bergevin regime and turn the page for good. And he can’t be blamed for thinking the day-to-day running of the squad to be a two-person job. The Canadiens, unlike any other franchise in the NHL, are operating within the context of a bilingual and media-intensive market.

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He’s Not Letting Grass Grow

Speaking during a press conference at Montreal’s practice grounds in Brossard, Quebec on Monday, Molson informed reporters of the critical importance of a fresh new start for the franchise. He said this applied not so much to team level, but really to management.

Molson had moved fast and hard on his decision. And so much so that one of the two roles, being that of the newly created “executive VP of hockey operations” was already filled on the weekend when Molson gave Bergevin the boot. Appointed in this role right now is former New York Rangers General Manager Jeff Gorton.

The second of the two positions, being that of General Manger, remains vacant for the moment. The plan is to eventually fill this role with a bilingual incumbent. The search for such a candidate will be extensive, explained Molson, but also finalised as quickly as possible.

Bergevin Could Have Used Help

While Bergevin was fired after a miserable start to the new season, Molson this week acknowledged that he most probably could have used more help in the front office. Molson said the job of GM is “a lot” for just one person only, and that looking back now, he knows he should have appointed help for Bergevin.

Molson also explained how the dual structure is expected to work. He said while Gorton and the new GM will be working in tandem on creating a new identity for the team, the GM will still have the final say on all hockey-related decisions.

Gorton was booted by the Rangers after they missed the Playoffs last spring. Even so, the fact that New York happens to be vying for the top spot in the Metropolitan Division remains largely owing to his talent and experience.

Stage Is Set For A New Chapter

Also fired on the weekend had been assistant GM Trevor Timmins and public relations officer Paul Wilson. This was followed by the abrupt resignation of assistant GM Scott Mellanby, meaning it will well and truly be down to Gorton and co. to work out how to go about reaching the organisation’s goals. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details