Canucks Finally Sign Hughes And Pettersson

Jake Cooper - 06 Oct 2021

Now that their deals have finally been signed and their time as free agents relieved, Elias Pettersson and teammate Quinn Hughes are finally back where they belong: skating alongside their teammates in Vancouver.

Both men say they felt something to be major league off watching the Vancouver Canucks take to the ice for training camp without them.

According to Pettersson, both he and Quin felt something not sitting quite right while stuck in Michigan while the team was busy training during the pre-season. He says they were eager to get their respective deals sorted out as quickly as possible, and even though the final signing took longer than initially anticipated, both are apparently happy beyond measure about now having their deals in place and looking forward to getting started.

For Pettersson, relief came off the back of a three-year contract worth US$7.35 million annually, and for Hughes, a six-year deal valued at US$7.85 million a year.

Good News On The Weekend

Vancouver announced both deals on Sunday – over a week after the Canucks opened their training camp in B.C.’s Abbotsford.

Hughes said on the weekend that while it hasn’t been an easy affair being stuck at home all of last week, he’s glad to be back on team together with Pettersson and able to put the entire ordeal behind him.

Vancouver GM Jim Benning on Sunday appeared every bit as happy as Hughes and Pettersson for having them back on the team. He said they were two very “important” players for having as part of the group. They’re both young and promising up and coming players, said Benning, and players fully expected to get even better as time wears on. He said it’s been a happy moment for the Canucks to get them signed and back in the quad.

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Time Away Stressful But Good

With their agents hard at work trying to finalise negotiations and pay scales, Hughes spent his time skating with his father at home back in Michigan.

Hughes said both he and Pettersson are “pretty normal” guys who spent their time in waiting hanging out, skating, and watching TV. And while stressful because of not being at training camp with the rest of the team, it was still a good time for rest and relaxation.

The Vancouver Canucks now have four pre-season skirmishes to go, including one scheduled for Sunday against the Winnipeg Jets. But according to head coach Travis Green, fans probably won’t catch a glimpse of either Pettersson or Hughes before Thursday’s meet between the Canucks and the Oilers.

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