Cleveland Cavs Vs Detroit Pistons NBA Trivia

Jake Cooper - 16 Mar 2022

The Cleveland Cavaliers will on Sunday, March 20, take on the Detroit Pistons. Here’s everything fans should know about their favourite side.

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Choice Cleveland Cavaliers Trivia

1. How old was the oldest player ever selected to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

27. The 27-year-old Bernard James was drafted with the 33rd overall pick by the Cavs in the 2012 NBA draft. He’s also the oldest player ever drafted in the history of the NBA.

2. LeBron James made his return to the Cleveland Cavs in 2014. He led the Cavs to a number of Finals following his return. How many?

Four. James led the Cavs to four straight NBA Finals appearances upon his return to the franchise. The Cavs went on to win their first NBA Championship title in 2016.

3. Which Cleveland Cav was nicknamed the “Prince of Midair”?

World B. Free. Across his four seasons with the Cavs, this flashy player never averaged less than 22.5 points per game.

4.  Who is the shortest player ever to have featured for the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Earl Boykins. He also happens to be the second-shortest player in the history of the league. His 5 ft 5 in frame puts him just behind Muggsy Bogues.

5. How many games made up Cleveland’s longest losing streak?

26 games. This particular non-performance saw the Cavs finish last in the conference in 2010-11.

6. Who became the first Cavs star to bag 300 offensive rebounds in a single season?

Tristan Thompson. He set an incredible record of 306 rebounds in a single season in 2012-13.

Top Detroit Pistons Trivia

1.The Pistons didn’t start out based in Detroit. Where are they originally from?

They were originally called the Fort Wayne Zollner Pistons – and located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

2.Which Pistons player became the first recipient of the prestigious NBA Sportsmanship Award?

Joe Dumars. Detroit retired his number 4 jersey in March 2000.

3. Who is the tallest player ever to have starred for the Detroit Pistons?

Chuck Nevitt. He spent three seasons playing for Detroit.  He is a larger-than-life 7 ft 4 in tall.

4. In 2004, a Piston was named NBA Finals MVP. Who was he?

Chauncey Billups. He helped the Pistons reign victorious over the LA Lakers during the 2004 NBA Finals. He was regarded a great team player.

5. Who played for the Pistons his entire career long?

Isiah Thomas. Picked second overall by the Detroit Pistons in the 1981 NBA draft, he remained with the team until his retirement.

6.Which Piston became the first to be named Rookie of the Year?

Star forward Don Meineke – after the 1952-53 season. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details