LA Clippers Searching For a New Coach

Jake Cooper - 06 Oct 2020

The bio-bubbled NBA finals currently underway in Orlando may have a few days to go before the ultimate wrap-up, but that doesn’t mean those teams at home aren’t already making the necessary changes to coaches and management so as to help secure plugs for all open vacancies and spots remaining to be filled in view of next season and beyond.

And what a bringing-in-of-the-talent it has been so far too! Both New York franchises have gone all out in their latest selections – with the Nets having appointed Hall of Famer Steve Nash in the very first coaching gig of his career ever, and the Knicks going all-in on the experience with the naming of veteran coach Tom Thibodeau.

Elsewhere, there’s been a new appointment confirmed in Billy Donovan for the Chicago Bulls, and of course the naming of Doc Rivers as the new head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Decision Time For Clippers

Whilst on the topic of Doc Rivers – the celebrated coach certainly wasted no time finding a replacement head coach home for his particular variety of talent after he got booted by Los Angeles Clippers owner Steve Ballmer.

This is of course fantastic tidings for Rivers, but also a decision effectively leaving the Clippers without someone at the helm. The challenge now will of course be finding the right gun to bring online – especially considering the team’s shockingly poor performance in this year’s playoffs.

Rumour does however have it that there already happens to be a favourite in mind as far as a new appointment goes. Current assistant coach Ty Lue’s name has come up a few times already and appears to be a prominent instalment in ongoing replacement talks.

No Time To Waste

Lue’s name has but been one name to have come up among several others, though, with Jeff Van Gundy having ranked somewhere in there too. Even though Jeff Van Gundy hasn’t coached since the end of his term alongside the Houston Rockets – this was back in 2007 – he remains a strong option.

With that having been said, the Clippers may have much working toward their general good, but time is unfortunately not one of those things. Retaining the talents of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard is the first and foremost order of business right now. Failing to “hire right” will ultimately cost the Clippers more than just another season. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details