The Commonwealth Games 100m Final

Jake Cooper | 12 Oct 2016

The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow are well underway and tonight all eyes will be on the 100m event to see if any of the world’s fastest men can come close to Usain Bolt’s world record. Bolt himself will sadly not be taking part due to an injury he incurred earlier in the season but, fitness permitting, he’ll take part in the Jamaican 4×1 relay team.

The qualifiers don’t appear to have shown any talent that could rival Bolt’s current World Record, but the finals at the Commonwealth Games tonight could change all that.

Even without Bolt racing, there are some super-speedy competitors on the track. The ones to watch tonight are, without a doubt, Nickel Ashmeade, Richard Thompson, Keston Bledman and Kemar Bailey-Cole, with Ashmeade most likely to beat the record. Despite looking like the best competitor at this year’s Commonwealth Games 100m final, Ashmeade’s Personal Best is still a way off Bolt’s record at 9.90 compared to the 9.58 World Record.

Bet365 Coverage

Bet365 is offering some competitive odds for the Commonwealth Games 100m final. Its outright winner odds for the race are:

Ashmeade 2.87

Thompson 4.50

Bledman 5.50

Bailey-Cole 6.00

Gemili 6.00

Watch Men’s 100m Final

The 100m final will undoubtedly get your adrenaline pumping, so tune in to watch the action from the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow at 9.50pm tonight!