Fl. Rep Stuns With Homerun

Damon Parks - 01 Oct 2021

Florida representative and US congressman Greg Steube on Wednesday showed his value at the plate when he hit a rate out-the-park homerun during the Congressional Baseball Game – the first of its kind in over 40 years.

Steube amid the ongoing spending bills Capitol Hill drama turned on the first pitch at the end of the first inning from California representative Pete Aguilar by sending it hard and deep into the left field.

The ball flew off the railing right before the first row in the stands before heading back onto the field. Steube at this point grabbed the opportunity by breaking into a slow-motion swagger and trot around the bases before making his mark on the home-plate amid a cheer of clad-in-red congratulators.

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History At National Parks

Steube on Wednesday became the first congressional lawmaker to even do as much as clear the fence at National Parks since the game was first relocated there back in 2008. The last time a lawmaker clobbered an out-the-park homerun in a congressional game had been in 1979 at Alexandria when Texas rep. Ron Paul pulled his own enormous stunt at the plate.

But Steube did more than just impress at the plate. He was also the GOP’s starting pitcher for Wednesday’s grudge-match. Taking the mound in a hat signed by former US President Donald Trump, he worked his way through 120 pitches before making his way to third base.

Steube also made for a final show-and-tell on the night when he caught a pop-up off the bat of Arizona’s Greg Stanton – thereby finally sealing the deal firmly on a win for the rest of his Republican teammates.

Not A Baseball Man - Yet

Even the announcers on the C-SPAN broadcast were clearly in awe of Steube’s hidden baseball talent.

The 43-year-old was born and raised in Florida and served for two years in the state’s Senate, as well as six years in the Florida House.

He shortly after ran for a seat in the US House of Representatives, where he’s been in office since January 2019.

Prior to running for serving in congress, Steube spent a considerable time deployed in Iraq, where between 2004 and 2008 he served as the Chief of Detainee Operations for Multinational Division North.

Steube is married to wife Jennifer, and the couple share a son.

While Steube has apparently never played baseball, some have suggested tongue-in-cheek that he’ll now be hard pressed to reconsider after his stunning homerun this week.

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