Conor McGregor to Launch Clothing Line

Jake Cooper | 14 Sep 2017

Conor McGregor suitsWhatever views you have of the “Money Fight”, one thing is for certain, Conor McGregor walked away with far more than just a few bruises. In fact, the mixed martial arts fighter has used his exposure for personal gain, not just financially but in many other ways too. Now it seems, Conor McGregor is expanding his brand into the realm of fashion with the launch of a clothing line that is expected to hit shelves early next year.

According to Damon Martin, McGregor has partnered up with luxury clothing designer David August Heil. Together, they plan on releasing the August McGregor clothing line that will have an official launch date in January 2018. The inspired clothing line will make use of McGregor’s distinctive, somewhat bold style and will feature a range of reasonably affordable suits.

The aim is to give McGregor fans the opportunity to dress like the UFC star for an affordable price. Speaking to the press, McGregor said that fashion is something he has always been passionate about. As such, he is excited to share his passion with his fans by giving them the chance to wear his signature looks. When asked about his partnering with David August Heil, McGregor said they had been chatting about the idea for some time, but the notion had been getting more serious over the last few months.

Suits, Shirts and Accessories

McGregor is confident about the line of clothing and feels the public will love the results. According to reports, the clothing options will include full suits, as well as shirts and accessories that will range from $500 through to $1200.

Since his memorable showdown with Floyd Mayweather Jr in the boxing ring, McGregor has been riding the wave of media attention and social success. In the ring, he was defeated by technical knockout in the 10th round, but showed a lot of promise for someone in their first professional boxing match.

Outside of the world of boxing, the Irishman is still the biggest MMA star in the world and has plans on returning to the Octagon at the end of the year. Since winning the Lightweight title in November 2016, McGregor has been building his personal brand and creating a media frenzy. The Money Fight was probably his biggest single money ticket and a great springboard for his external endeavours, which also include his Notorious Irish whiskey brand!

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