Disc Golf Grows In Popularity

Jake Cooper - 21 Sep 2021

Canada has discovered a sport largely played mostly in the US until quite recently: disc golf. Or rather, the international disc golfing community has discovered Canada.

Whichever way the frisbee falls, locals have the Moens family to thank for the upswing in both participation and awareness in and about the sport. But while it’s a sport complete with its own World Disc Golf championships, there are still only around 2,000 Canadian enthusiasts among the sport’s Professional Disc Golf Association’s membership count.

Still, awareness about what the sport is all about has grown in recent times. And helping that awareness along has been Julie Moens, who recently finished second in the Amateur World Disc Golf Championships.

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About Disc Golf

But Julie isn’t the only active player in the family. Dad Ted Moens, too, is an eager participant, and recently won the age division for the 60-plussers in the same competition.

Also playing are Julie’s brother and two sisters – all at the top level of the sport. They’re all involved at some level, even mom Nancy. And together, they’ve done a lot for initiating the uninitiated.

Disc Golf is played in the same way as regular golf. The only difference is instead of playing with a ball and stick, the game is played by players aiming discs resembling a frisbee into baskets fashioned out of metal and chain. The gist of it is however the same as with golf: aim for the hole and get it in in as few attempts as possible.

A Sport People Are Noticing

While not quite as played as golf, an awareness of how it all works seems to be on the rise, says Kevin Underhill, who has been playing Ultimate for Canada for many years. According to Underhill, who also happens to be an eager disc golfer, there’s been a definite recent increase in support and knowledge.  

Only a decade ago, there were only 14,000 registered disc golfers registered worldwide. But by last year, that number had increased all the way up to 70,000. This has not only raised awareness, but has also created accessibility, which is something every emerging sport needs a whole lot of.

The sport may still have a long way to go as far as male vs. female rewards equality goes, but every frisbee sunk is still a win. It’s now a fully-fledged sport, after all, and Canadians are beginning to take notice.

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