Djokovic Says Nadal Played A Perfect Final

Jake Cooper | 14 Oct 2020

Djokovic Says Nadal Played A Perfect FinalWhatever anybody’s take on controversial Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovic, and takes there are aplenty, the fact that he’s a world-class tennis player cannot really be denied – recent disqualifications and allegations of faked injuries notwithstanding. All of which would no doubt have contributed to a position of glowing confidence during the run-up to the recent French Open Final at Roland Garros.

Djokovic’s opponent, though equally celebrated (if not more), will have had a great deal to do with that confidence too. Novak Djokovic has after all beaten his Spanish rival in more than half of their most recent 55 ATP Head2Head matches played.

But his confidence and victory-anticipating demeanour would be short-lived.  Despite his past more than fifty percent win rate over his number one rival, he simply could not live up to the raw playing power on the clay that is multiple Grand-Slam title holder Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic Finally Takes The Bow

Perhaps even more surprising than the match-result was undoubtedly Djokovic’s reaction to losing against Nadal. After repeatedly having shown himself a player not fond of apologising for his shortcomings – both on as well as away from the court – he practically shocked officials and fans alike by his description of the match and his rival’s performance following the final loss-securing set played.

Describing Rafael Nadal as a phenomenal player, Djokovic added that to his mind, his rival had in fact played what can be deemed the perfect match. Especially during the first two sets, explained the loved-hated Serbian, Nadal brought his absolute A-game. And ultimately, even despite his own comeback successfully orchestrated in the third set, the celebrated Spanish tennis champion still managed to show himself the superior of the two players on Court Phillipe-Chatrier at the legendary and magnificent home to the annual French Open, Roland Garros.

Nadal The Unstoppable

In Djokovic’s defence, Nadal did indeed play one of his best matches ever competed on the clay, firing off 21 winners and only 6 unforced errors throughout the first two sets of the final stand-off.

Tactically, Nadal played an irreproachable game, concluded Djokovic. His own perfect form would ultimately prove no match to several sets perfectly and flawlessly executed.

As far as his own professional playing career is concerned, despite his having failed at becoming the first man ever competing in the Open Era to win every one of the four Grand Slam titles on more than one occasion, Djokovic said he experienced only gratitude at the many blessings to have come his way since he first started his career.