Jurgen Melzer Says Djokovic Is Lying About ATP

Jake Cooper - 03 Dec 2020

Novak Djokovic’s claim that he was rejected from the ATP Players Council has been labelled “absolute nonsense” by former World No. 7 Jurgen Melzer.

Djokovic has been called out for being a creator of division and strife at a time tennis is least able to afford it by several Grand Slam champions both former as well as current. The current World No. 1 only days before the 2020 US Open announced that and Canada’s Vasek Pospisil were forming a breakaway Tennis Players Association.

Two leading opposing voices have been those of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Both players responded to Djokovic’s contentious move by calling for calm during a time of extreme crisis.

Djokovic Backed Into A Corner

It now appears as if Djokovic has resorted to lies and dishonesty in an attempt to sidestep the mass criticism directed his way by several tennis greats.

The Serbian recently hit out at the ATP following their nomination in favour of his and Pospisil’s return, with Djokovic heard making accusations along the lines of their return being blocked by the council even after a vote had been cast in their favour.

Melzer has however told a French tennis website that the rules Djokovic alleges to have been instituted overnight, and mainly that of no one from the players’ association being permitted to participate in the decisions of the council, have contrary to what the Serbian has been alleging, been in existence and in force since as far back as 2006.

No Need For Two Associations

According to Melzer, the concurrent existence of two separate players’ associations in tennis makes absolutely no sense at all and will only sow division. He said that he was surprised by Djokovic’s response and by the fact that the Serbian was apparently incapable and/or unwilling to face reality.

The Serbian has in the meantime threatened the ATP with the continuance of his breakaway association’s activities, saying that the PTPA would now have no other option but to consider its next move.

He also added that he now knew exactly where he stood with the ATP and that as a result, he and Pospisil was left with no other option than to consider an alternative strategy to the plan of action followed up until now.

The majority of the world’s current tennis stars have yet to sign up for Djokovic’s breakaway association. Many have indicated that they will not be doing so at any point in the future.

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