Dodgers Headed For Giants After Cardinals

Quin Robinson - 11 Oct 2021

Chris Taylor made for a fairy-tale performance as he crushed a delivery by Cardinals reliever Alex Reyes in phenomenal fashion. Helping the Dodgers to a 3-1 win, Taylor practically sealed the deal for his squad to face off with the Giants in the NLDS.

Even though the game was initially punted as a skirmish between Max Scherzer and Adam Wainwright, it very quickly became a struggle of the bullpens.

And really, the Dodgers had no other choice but to turn for help to its impressive bullpen depth for holding off the on-a-rampage Cardinals.

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Opportunities Wasted For Cardinals

Part of the attack had been Joe Kelly and his stranding of a pair of runners on the first and second. This led to relief for Scherzer during the fifth for keeping the game tied at one.

For the Cardinals, the game made for a scoring start in the first when second baseman Tommy Edman made it to first, then second, then finally third on a fly-out. His made for a phenomenal run on a wild pitch. But despite many opportunities to do things differently, the Cardinals ultimately fell short of cashing in on those chances for the remainder of the game.

Even so, the Dodgers took their time for knotting the game back up at one. Thankfully, it all came to a resolve off a stunning delivery by Justin Turner with his solo shot off a delivery from Wainwright.

Small Start Leads To Big Things

While it took a turn at the final plate for the Dodgers to bag the game, all that matters now is that they survived the do-or-die wildcard romp against St. Louis.

According to star of the game Taylor, thinking small and being in the moment had set the scene for big things to happen. And Taylor has every reason to be proud of his personal performance on the night. His big hit only arrived after neither team had managed to do anything noteworthy on the defensive end of things.

After accumulating three hits from second baseman Tommy Edman, the rest of the team fell rather flat with 2 for 27 and with 9 strikeouts to boot. And needless to say, the Dodgers hadn’t much more to speak of with their five singles collected from a pair of homeruns by Taylor and Justin Turner.

Wednesday night’s win saw the Dodgers advance to a division series appearance against their biggest rivals, the San Francisco Giants. And according to Taylor, after the year they’ve had, the only thing remaining to be expected is a difficult and hard-fought series. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details