Dunstone Picture Of Frustration After Loss

Jake Cooper - 24 Nov 2021

Matt Dunstone laboured hard at putting on a brave face following yet another loss during Monday’s Canadian Olympic curling try-outs in Saskatoon. His frustration however came screaming through as he exited the ice at SaskTel Centre after a 10-3 loss to Kevin Koe.

After smacking his broom so hard on the floor that the head came flying off, Dunstone’s frustration finally settled down enough for him to weather a few questions from reporters.

Of his winless start, a clearly deflated Dunstone said “it can only go up”.

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Dunstone Just Not There

While the crowd of 8,217 did its best to cheer the team to victory, it all came crashing down when a picked stone during the fifth helped Koe to score four.

For Dunstone and team, it seems to be a case of “close, but just not close enough” right now. He told reporters how he and the team were currently doing many good things while trying to turn their fortunes around.

For Dunstone, Monday turned forgettable when he threw the lowest percentage of all eight players on the team. They ended up shooting an average of 83 per cent, which saw them fall seriously short to Koe & Co.’s 92 per cent.

Feeling understandably more optimistic about the rink’s progress had been Dunstone’s second, Kirk Muyres. He said while things didn’t work out quite as well as what they could have on Monday, the tide does seem to be turning – if only by a bit.

Disappointment For Bottcher

Also suffering disappointment on the day had been Brendan Bottcher and team. After dropping a 5-2 decision to Brad Jacobs, Bottcher and Co. were left right back where they had started, at 0-3.

After winning the national men’s curling championship last season, Bottcher has yet to bring the magic to the ice at the present event.

Driven to tears on Monday was Bottcher’s third, Darren Moulding. Fighting back tears of disappointment, Moulding said the team had simply not been good enough to clinch a win on Monday.

Koe, on the other hand, lived a phenomenal comeback. He emerged alone in fourth place at 2-1, followed by Tanner Horgan in firth at 1-1. Epping, meanwhile, plummeted to 1-2, while Gunnlaugson stayed winless along with Bottcher and Dunstone.

Fleury and Jones Both Shine

On Monday evening, it would be Tracy Fleury and Jennifer Jones seen keeping their unbeaten records intact with a massive win each.

Jones (4-0) beat Casey Scheidegger 7-5, and Fleury did the same to Krista McCarville with 9-2. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details