Roger Federer Says He’ll Soon Be Back Again

Elizabeth Wagner - 26 Sep 2021

Tennis great Roger Federer says he’s back on track and will soon start training again after a successful surgery and rehabilitation process to his right knee. The Grand Slam record-holder earlier this year caused a right panic in the world of tennis when he hinted at the fact that he might be facing “early” retirement over injury and the time involved in post-surgery rehabilitation.

Federer however this week spoke of the “worst” now being behind him as well as his looking forward to what the future holds on as well as off the court.

The 40-year-old shortly after Wimbledon underwent the third in a bout of surgeries to his knee. He underwent surgery twice last year, as well as an additional procedure to his left knee performed back in 2016.

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He’s Looking Forward To Playing

While Federer stressed that he wasn’t yet back in a full training regime, he did say that this was the plan for the near future, and that for now, his recovery seems to be going according to plan. He added that it’s important for him to get back into regular conditioning, and that he now plans on taking it all “step by step”. This he revealed to members of the media during a recent speaking engagement in Zurich for a Mercedes Benz-sponsored event.

He also spoke about now being an exciting time for him, and that returning to training after injury was always a positive and exciting prospect. He added that he experienced no mental blocks over his impending return to hitting the world’s courts after such a long time away.

Federer last won an event in his hometown Basel in 2019.

Been Away But Not Gone

The Grand Slam champ has however been keeping a regular eye on what everybody else has been doing, including Novak Djokovic’s loss to Daniil Medvedev in the recent US Open final.

After spending the time watching from the stands, Federer congratulated Medvedev on his big victory while adding that what Djokovic had achieved this year alone had been nothing short of exceptional.

He’ll also be spending some time on the sidelines of this week’s Laver Cup. This year will be the first year he won’t be a participant in the event since starting it 3 years ago. It hurts a lot not being able to compete, said Federer of the event, while adding that he’s looking forward to re-joining the action in London in 2022. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details