Football Player Caught Betting Illegally

Jake Cooper | 07 Mar 2018

Avraam Papadopoulos bettingIn the latest sports betting-related news, star professional football player Avraam Papadopoulos has reportedly been handed a suspended jail sentence from a Greek court after wagering illegally on football games. Recent news reports have cited the length of the jail sentence as being two and a half years.

Papadopoulis, a well-known football player in Greece, is allegedly one of 58 individuals that have been given penalties by the Athens Court of Appeal for their roles in the 2011 match-fixing scandal. The news was reported by news agency AFP, which noted that the 33-year-old player currently plays football for Brisbane Roar in Australia’s football A-League, although he was playing for Greek Super League club Olympiacos when the transgression was committed.

Papadopoulis has since claimed that the charges and allegations against him are untrue, denying them just after he officially joined Roar in 2017. The player will apparently be given an opportunity to appeal his sentence sometime within the next few months. A spokesperson for Roar has also confirmed that the club was aware of the allegations at the time it agreed to sign on the player.

Roar Club Was Aware Of Charges

According to this spokesperson in a statement to Fox Sports, the Brisbane Roar Football Club was aware of investigations being made into Greek football match betting between 2009 and 2010. He also added that the club knew that Avraam Papadopoulis may have been involved at the time when the pro player signed for Brisbane in February last year.

In this statement to Fox Sports, the representative added that the club is now awaiting more information on the matter at hand. More than that, the club refused to make any further comments about the scandal at the time.

Uncertain Future For Football Pro

Papadopoulis’ future in football now seems dubiously uncertain, although his fate will only be decided once he has made his appeal and the Greek court has made a final decision on the case. The player is a former Greek international football star who played for his country in the legendary 2010 Fifa World Cup, and has since gone on to gain a massive following of supporters across the globe.

It is important to note here that the football betting industry has been under scrutiny for a long time amid various charges and allegations of illegal betting, match fixing, and other illicit activities. Many national gambling regulators have pledged to stamp out this type of criminal behaviour with more stringent regulation, but so far any noticeable changes in betting crime rates have been slow to emerge.

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