Fury Beats Wilder In Trilogy Of Champions

Jake Cooper - 12 Oct 2021

A final champion’s punch on Saturday night was all it took for Tyson Fury to finally lay to rest his heavyweight rivalry with Deontay Wilder.

It took Fury all of three fights with a combined nine knockdowns for establishing his ultimate dominance over the American. Saturday night in Las Vegas proved the final big push, with Fury making it back up from the canvas twice in the fourth round before knocking out Wilder during the 11th in the thrilling conclusion of a trilogy of bouts.

Saturday’s skirmish saw both men struggling at intermittent periods during the bout. But Wilder would ultimately end up facing the canvas at 1:10 during a clearly exhausting 11th round after a clobbering right hook fired off at just the right time by Fury.

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A Trilogy Comes Together

Fury described Saturday night’s Vegas fight as a great bout, and one worthy of any trilogy in sport. He described his opponent to be a top and tough fighter, and one who had subjected him (Fury) to a test of champions on the night.

But it wasn’t all easy sailing for the former world champion. Fury said while Wider had caught him twice during the fourth round, he wasn’t actually ever entertaining the thought that the fight could be all over for him. Fury said the fact remained that it mattered not how many times you’re knocked down in boxing as well as in life, but instead, how many times you get back up and keep at it.

Everything’s Not Lost For Wilder

If anything, Wilder emerged a stunning and deserved opponent, but in the end, not able to escape Fury’s lethal right hand.

Fury said that while there wasn’t any actual knockout on the night, he still felt it from the solid right hook delivered to his opponent’s temple. He said Wilder took a great deal of punishment during the fight and that he would be interested in seeing what would happen with his fights in the future.

As for their own personal rivalry, Fury said it’s all “done for good” now. And after a rivalry spanning nearly three years, it can truly be said that Fury and Wilder brought out the alpha fighter in each other.

While Wilder lost Saturday’s fight, it did serve a different purpose in terms of the driving home once more of a validation of his incredible tenaciousness – not to mention his determination for securing a third fight even after the off-balance nature of their second clash.

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