Josh Giddey Stars With Ball Against Bucks

Dean Riley - 22 Nov 2021

Aussie Josh Giddey has once again shown himself more than capable of running with the big guns when he put on an incredible performance during Saturday night’s big clash between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Milwaukee.

The Bucks ran circles around their opponents on the night, which eventually led to a super 96-89 win for the reigning champions. Still – Oklahoma fought hard for restricting them to a marginal victory.

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Chances Missed

On the downside, the Thunder forfeited several opportunities to grab the lead, one of which had been a three-point shot missed by marquee star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. The shooter unfortunately had an off-shooting night not often seen from him.

For Giddey, Saturday would mean yet another sterling performance played, which culminated in a finish of 14 points, 23 rebounds, and four assists. He also managed to record on the third double-double of his career.

While the Aussie previously struggled with staying away from hitting the scoreboard, he showed much improvement on Saturday. Also, he was notably more aggressive while having the ball in hand.

Giddey’s performance reached highlight proportions when he produced yet another one of his single-handed slingshot passes. This happened during the final minutes of the game, just after Giddey got trapped in the paint by Milwaukee’s defence. He however spun around quickly before rocketing his pass from his right hand in the direction of teammate Jeremiah Robinson-Earl.

This swinging magic saw him nailing the three-pointer.

OKC A Competitive Side

The competitive nature of Oklahoma City emerged a heartening sign on Saturday. The Thunder have, if anything, exceeded all expectations this NBA  season so far.

According to OKC head coach Dave Bliss, not a lot of players have what it takes to make the sort of passes that Giddey has been doing. Bliss said they’re impressive not only because of the left-hand passing, but also of the balance and velocity at which they’re being delivered. Bliss said Giddey had a unique touch and magic.

As for Giddey, he said he now believes his teammates know to expect a pass at him from any moment. Giddey added that he felt comfortable with either left or right passes, and that to him, passing is instinctive.

Also commenting on Giddey’s incredible performance on the night had been Thunder guard Ty Jerome. The star guard described Giddey’s creativity on the court to be “off the charts”.

Jerome also said each time he happens to check into a game and notices Giddey next to him, he just knowns he’s going to get some shots to play. Jerome said Giddey is a champion passer. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details