James Harden Says Rockets Can’t Be Fixed

Jake Cooper | 14 Jan 2021

Houston RocketsJames Harden says the Houston Rockets just aren’t good enough, and what’s more, that it’s a situation that probably can’t be “fixed”. Harden after Tuesday’s 117-100 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers appeared deflated and detached as he expressed his cynicism his team’s prospects for this season.

Tuesday’s setback marked Houston’s second loss in a row to the Lakers – a game that saw Harden continue his four-outing streak of being restricted to fewer than 20 points, something he last experienced in 2012. The long-time Rockets cornerstone has been pushing hard to get traded out for months, reiterating again on Tuesday how he had done everything he possibly could, but that the situation remained “crazy”.

Then came Wednesday, with the Houston Rockets finally conceding to James Harden’s wish to be traded away, and sending him on his way to join the Brooklyn Nets in a reportedly blockbuster deal.

The Blockbuster Trade-Away

The trade sees the three-time scoring champion about to reunite with Kevin Durant – a concession he’s reportedly been hamming on about for several weeks.

Harden will be joining the Brooklyn Nets as apart of a deal involving four teams, including Cleveland and Indiana. Also reportedly part of the trade are four draft picks and a couple of extra pick swaps. Key players rumoured to be making a move alongside Harden are Victor Oladipo (from Indiana to Houston), and Caris Levert (Brooklyn to Indiana).

Houston coach Stephen Silas has since referred to the drama surrounding Harden as being a messed up all round. His Tuesday night rant and rave reportedly led to the Rockets informing Harden that he wasn’t welcome at practice after his remarks about the losing team that can’t be fixed.

Is It A Case Of Good Riddance?

Although Harden’s 24.8-point average still sees him ranking 18th in the NBA, which positions him among the leading points scorers, and although he has averaged 25 points per game in every one of his eight seasons spent with the Rockets, he has never managed to get Houston past the Western Conference finals.

Houston and Silas won’t likely miss Harden’s attitude or presence. Not only did he report late for training camp, which ultimately led to him missing out on a couple of outings, but he also got fined $50,000 earlier on in the season for refusing to follow the NBA’s health and safety protocols.