NJ Devils Sign Jack Hughes For 8 More Years

Sean Brayton - 06 Dec 2021

The NHL’s New Jersey Devils have secured their best player for eight more years. The Devils announced on Tuesday that they had signed star centre Jack Hughes to an 8-year extended deal to the value of $64 million.

The announcement was made by GM Tom Fitzgerald only hours before the Devils were to face the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday.

For Hughes, the extended deal marks a comeback of sorts after missing out on 17 games due to a dislocated shoulder injury. But his return really is a win-win situation for the team, as pointed out by Fitzgerald.

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He’s Happy To Stay In NJ

The extended contract means Hughes will earn an annual salary of around $8 million. His salary will vary between $8 million and $9 million before dropping to $7 million for the final two years of his contract.

For the champion centre, who emerged the No. 1 pick overall in the 2019 NHL draft, the deal is exciting for both him and his family. Commenting on the contract earlier this week, Hughes said he had no desire at all to play anywhere else than in New Jersey. He said the best thing about the contract was that it showed the same level of commitment from both sides.

And according to Devils managing partner David Blitzer, this is indeed the case. Commenting on the deal, Blitzer described Hughes to be not only a remarkable player on the ice, but also a fantastic human being in general. He said he considered the future to be a bright prospect for Hughes.

Hughes An Admirable Player

But his talent aside, the one thing Hughes will want to work at is registering points, which is something he hasn’t been doing a whole lot of. Even so, Fitzgerald said he believes this failure to score regularly might have been the consequence of playing on weaker teams. He said Hughes possesses an admirable style of playing – and definitely a style that should be emulated by his teammates.

In two games played this year so far, Hughes has scored two goals and made one assist. Across his past two seasons, Hughes has added 55 points to the scoreboard from 20 goals and 35 assists. These he managed to accumulate over the course of 119 NHL games.

But for Hughes, talent seems to run in the family. He also has a younger brother, Luke, who finished 4th overall in the 2021 NHL draft. He’s currently playing for Michigan.

The pair also have an older brother in the NHL. Older sibling Quin is a defenceman for the Vancouver Canucks.

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