INDEX Offers New Way To Play The Markets

Jake Cooper | 12 Mar 2018

INDEX Offers New Way To Play The MarketsIf you thought that the stock market was boring, think again. Meet INDEX, a brand new way of doing trade and speculation. INDEX is a stock market that makes it possible to speculate on the performance of one or more soccer player/s. Players in the stock market game now has the option of buying and selling money shares that are connected to more than 2,000 soccer players.

What’s more, the players involved are by no means small fry, and include some of the biggest names in the English Premier League, the UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europe League.

INDEX Expands To Canada & Sweden

Interested parties located in the United Kingdom are already able to engage and trade and more than 100,000 subscribers have already signed up for the service. The company recently announced that the service is now being extended to interested parties in Canada and Sweden, with the expansion being part of the company’s vision to extend the service to trader’s world-wide.

Canada and Sweden were natural choices for initial expansion due to the large portion of the population able to converse in English as well as the soccer-loving culture prevalent in both countries.

The expansion strives to bring an additional element of liquidity to the INDEX market in general, affording traders the opportunity to develop a much broader portfolio and an increased dimension of generating profits. Founder and CEO of INDEX, Adam Cole, is excited about the prospects and benefits of expansion, saying that the expansion to Sweden and Canada will not only benefit traders in those countries, but will also greatly impact existing traders in the United Kingdom in a very positive way. He also referred to Canada and Sweden as being two countries with a very strong and well-developed sporting heritage.

Best Of Both Worlds

The INDEX website features what is known in trade-circles as a ‘ticker’, which in effect allows traders to watch the trading performance of their particular players in a live, real-time format, and decide how to react. INDEX is breaking new ground in the stock exchange as well as sports markets and is the first company ever to combine financial trading with sports betting.

The INDEX platform allows users to make an additional income throughout the year, with some traders venturing out and parting with six-digit figures on a regular basis.

INDEX is owned by UK gambling operator BetIndex.