LeBron James Leads Lakers To 1st WC Final In Years

Jake Cooper | 14 Sep 2020

LeBron James Leads Lakers To 1st WC Final In YearsLeBron James is the NBA player mainly responsible for having secured in favour of the Los Angeles Lakers their first Western Conference final appearance in 10 years. His 29 points scored during last week’s game against the Rockets proved a massive boost en route to his team’s incredible 119-96 victory over Houston.

The last time the Lakers reached the Western Conference finals was in 2010 – a year that saw late Lakers legend Kobe Bryant lead his team all the way to that year’s NBA title. Bryant sadly died in a helicopter crash alongside his daughter and 7 others earlier on this year in January.

His Fellow Points-Scorers

As for Lebron James, he said of the win that to be able to even as much as play for the Lakers is an honour, let alone helping the team to continue their “legacy” by qualifying to play in the Western Conference final. James joined the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018.

In fact, explained the three-time NBA champion in reference to the big win, taking the franchise back to a place of victory – a place they were “accustomed” to being – had been the very reason he had decided to join the team in the first place. To wear the legendary purple and gold and to try and continue the legacy is according to the 35-year-old a true honour also on a personal level.

As for the remainder of the big-points scorers, Kyle Kuzma scored 17 points, Markieff Morris aced 16, Dany Green scored 14 points, and Antony Davis contributed 13.

Remembering The Legend

The winning game will have been to many a reminder of all that Kobe Bryant meant to the team during his phenomenal 20-year-long career spent playing for the franchise.

The five-time NBA superstar is the only player in the history of the league to have retired two shirt numbers whilst playing for the same team. Kobe Bryant wore each shirt for a decade’s worth of time spent playing for his beloved Los Angeles Lakers.

Of all that Bryant had managed to achieve during his time playing for the franchise, his leading of the Lakers to back-to-back titles in 2009/2010. After losing an embarrassing six games to Boston in 2008, Bryan led the Lakers not only to back-to-back titles in 2009/2010, but also to their best record ever achieved in the Western Conference.