What Every Lakers and Mavs Fan Should Know

Dean Riley - 21 Feb 2022

The Lakers will play against the Mavs at the Crypto.com Arena on March 2. To honour the day, we’ve put together all our best trivia about the two NBA teams.

Dallas Mavericks Trivia

  1. What was the Mavs’ win-loss record in the 2002-03 season?

60-22. This record saw the Dallas Mavericks win a franchise record 60 games, which saw them beating the previous year’s NBA record by 3.

  1. What college did Steve Nash attend?

Nash attended Santa Clara college.

  1. Which Mavs player was nicknamed “The Wizard”?

Walt Williams. He acquired this nickname in high school.

  1. Who played in the Number 41 jersey for the Mavs in the 2002-03 season?

Dirk Nowitzki. He was initially drafted by the Bucks but got traded to the Dallas Mavs.

  1. Who owned the Mavs in 2002-03?

Mark Cuban. He also happened to be the owner most fined by the league the previous year.

  1. The Dallas Mavericks was named after a popular television show. Which show?

The franchise drew its inspiration from the 1957-62 western television classic, Maverick. Interesting too is that actor James Garner was a member of the team’s original ownership group.

  1. Who was the very first head coach of the Dallas Mavs?

Dick Motta. He was considered a great teacher of the game of basketball.

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LA Lakers Trivia

  1. In the 1980 NBA Finals, Magic Johnson came fully alive in game six while playing at center position. Who was the starter that had been injured before Johnson assumed the position?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He was injured against the Philadelphia 76ers, which made room for Johnson to shine.

  1. What was the Lakers originally called?

The Detroit Gems.

  1. Which Lakers player started the 2003-04 season on the list of injured reserves?

Rick Fox. He made a late start to the season because of ankle injuries.

  1. What is the Lakers’ longest winning streak?

33 games. They pulled off this marvellous feat in the 1971-72 season.

  1. Who did the Lakers acquire during the run-up to the 2018 NBA season?

LeBron James. The mighty King James was signed by LA to a four-year, $154 million deal.

  1. Which Lakers player previously played for the Harlem Globetrotters?

Wilt Chamberlain. His number 13 jersey was retired by the Globetrotters on March 9, 2000.

  1. Which Laker was given the nickname “Zeke from Cabin Creek”?

Jerry West. When West first arrived in the NBA, he spoke with an Appalachian accent, from whence he earned his nickname.

  1. How many championship titles did the Lakers win during their first seven seasons in the league?

Initially part of the National Basketball League, they won the 1948 NBL Championship, followed by 5 more soon after.

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