LeBron James Group Looking To Buy NBA Team

Dean Riley - 04 Dec 2021

Fenway Sports Group, of which basketball superstar LeBron James is a partner, is now rumoured to be looking to acquire an NBA franchise.

According to Dan Primack of Axios, the group is will be looking for a new venture once its offer to acquire the Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) has been finalised. The group seems to be interested in buying up marquee franchises across a variety of regions.

After the deal involving the Penguins was reported earlier this month, it now seems as if the acquisition is nearing finalisation. Pittsburgh recently released a statement confirming the acquisition process while adding that finalisation is anticipated by at least the end of 2021.

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Meanwhile On The Court

Meanwhile, part-owner LeBron James is currently attempting to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to another NBA title. Currently in the middle of the pack with 11-11 in the Western Conference, at least half of the work that has gone into the push has been without James on the court.

And owing to the latest news about James’ health and safety protocol issues, this isn’t about to improve any time soon.

The LA Lakers announced on Tuesday that James can expect to be side-lined for at least 10 games unless he returns two negative test results. This spells nothing good for the Lakers, especially since James has already missed lots of time this season due to a suspension, an ankle injury, and general abdominal strain.

After the Lakers lost to the Kings on Friday, the need for a more permanent return for their cornerstone player became only that much more prominent.

End Of An Era For James?

Whenever James has formed part of the lineup, he has been the best player on the court by far. Even so, concerns continue to escalate about his general state of health. While he might be the best there is for LA, he’s by no means absolved or immune from the effects of growing older.

James has scored his lowest percentage for field goal attempts this season – this being the lowest since his 2006-07 campaign. What’s more, he seems to be experiencing some difficulty getting used to playing alongside Russell Westbrook, who has taken to leading the team in his absence.

While LA is right now sitting pretty average at No. 7 in the Western Conference, another extended period without their best player could emerge as highly problematic. Concerning also is that they’ve played several weaker opponents than they in recent times and have largely failed to turn those weaknesses into victories on the scoreboard.  

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