Lebron James Reveals NBA Franchise Plans

Jake Cooper | 18 Mar 2021

LeBron may buy NBA franchiseBasketball legend LeBron James wants to own an NBA franchise, and what's more, wants to own one sooner rather than later.

LeBron expressed his desire following the Lakers' victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Staples Centre on Tuesday, clearly wanting to hoist trophies and bag championships by more than just points put on the scoreboard or assists successfully pulled off in order for others to shoot.

The 37-year-old, who is currently still under contract with the L.A. Lakers, and who will remain under contract with the franchise through the 2022-23 season, during which season he turns 38, did however add that he would like to keep on playing for an NBA franchise long enough for him to get to play with his son, Bonny.

James' son is currently at Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles.

From NBA Kit To Suit

From James' hopes expressed for the future, it's clear he's eager to someday wear a business suit instead of his NBA kit, but while still being involved with the sport he so loves to play. James explained on Tuesday that since he knows talent, knows what it takes to win at NBA-level, and knows what it requires and how to run a successful business, he feels he has a great deal to give to the game from an ownership and business management point of view.

James and long-time business partner Maverick Carter already own stakes in the Fenway Sports Group, which group owns the Boston Red Sox, regional sports network NESN, Fenway Sports Management, FSG Real Estate, and English Premier League football club Liverpool FC.

High Praise For FSG Group

James, clearly an astute business mind, in addition to several big-name partnerships – including deals with Nike, Blaze Pizza, AT&T, and soft drink giant Pepsi, has also in the past overseen the "I Promise School", which was a program founded back in 2018. The initiative was founded in partnership with James' foundation and Akron Public Schools and provides financial aid to youth from no- and low-income households for education.

James also on Tuesday commented on what an amazing experience it has been to partner with FSG, and how they've done incredible things over the past number of years. He said that on a personal level, as a Black man, being in a position to partner with the group, and become part of its history, has been "pretty damn cool".