Leicester 5 – 3 Man United

Jake Cooper | 12 Oct 2016

After a dramatic defeat to Leicester City, Manchester United are now in an even worse position this season than they were this time last year under David Moyes.

When Moyes was the boss, United won seven points during their first five Premier League games and even picked up wins in the Community Shield, Champions League and Captial One Cup. Yet this year, under Louis Van Gaal’s leadership, the Red Devils have only collected five points in the League and were devastatingly knocked out of the League Cup by MK Dons.

Fans of United were this week beginning to believe that the team were showing signs of returning to winning form, but all hopes were quickly dashed after Sunday’s 5-3 loss to Leicester City.

Van Gaal’s side were twice up by two goals but several fatal defensive mistakes led to the team’s second loss of the season.

According to captain Wayne Rooney it was Manchester United’s lack of composure in the second half that led to the ultimately humiliating defeat.

“It’s really disappointing,” he told reporters after the game. “Going 3-1 up especially and then losing the game, it’s hard to take.

“We should have done better as a team, seen the game out and won it from the position we were in. [There were] some mistakes and we didn’t do well enough as a team to stop their goals. It’s a game where we played some great stuff, scored some great goals and conceded some sloppy goals.

“We have to do better; we know that – as a team we have to do better. It’s not nice when you concede goals when you know we can prevent them. Everyone individually as a player knows that. They had the momentum with them in the last twenty minutes and we had to somehow try and find our composure and see the game out, but we failed to do that.”

Van Gaal, whose style and approach to leading United was being praised just last week, is now facing much scrutiny over his expensive summer purchases. Despite spending nearly £160 million, Manchester United still appear to lack a defensive leader.

There were moments during the game against Leicester when Rooney could be seen yelling directions at the defenders as they continue to allow Leicester to break and score.

United now face even tougher opponents in Chelsea and Man City in just a few weeks and Van Gaal will need to reassess his system if the Red Devils are to stand a chance.