Did Messi Deserve the World Cup Golden Ball?

Jake Cooper | 12 Oct 2016

As we all know, the Wold Cup final took place on Sunday and Germany managed to knock in a single winning goal in extra time. Despite coming second, Argentina’s Lionel Messi was awarded the Golden Ball prize for player of the tournament. For anyone that didn’t watch the game, Messi looked (understandably) miserable as he went to collect his award but, for us, the impressive striker deserved to be celebrated for his performance throughout the World Cup.

Sabella, the head coach for the Argentinian team, commented that Messi’s award was “Very deserved,” adding that “He played a great World Cup to get us where he did.”

Messi, who also plays for Barcelona where he is the team’s star, commented that the reason he didn’t seem particularly please was that the dream was to win the World cup and, consequently, “The truth is it doesn’t interest me at this moment.”

This was Messi’s fourth World Cup and Argentina had come so close to winning, only to fall at the last hurdle. Messi stated of the final against Germany that “We wanted to win the World Cup for all the people in Argentina and we couldn’t do it.  We tried, but we didn’t have the luck we had in other games.”

Argentina’s midfielder Javier Mascherano added to Messi’s sentiments, stating, “The pain is immense. We wanted to win this for the people of Argentina, for those who came here to support us, but we lost.

“We have represented our country the best we could. We have to lift our heads despite the pain. We gave everything we could out there.”

Messi’s best goals – and the reason we feel like he truly deserved the Golden Ball – came during the early group stage of the World Cup, where he scored a brace against Nigeria as well as goals against both Nigeria and Bosnia-Hercegovina.

Hopefully Messi will gradually recover from Argentina’s disappointing World Cup final result and realise how much he really does deserve the Golden Ball award.