Kyle Lowry Scores In Wake Of Unclear Future

Jake Cooper | 26 Mar 2021

Kyle Lowry playing for RaptorsOwing to an unclear future, Kyle Lowry may very well on Wednesday have put up his final performance as a Toronto Raptor.

The six-time Toronto all-star finished what could be his final Raptors run with nine assists, five rebounds, and eight points. Wednesday’s 135-111 victory over the Denver Nuggets saw Lowry snap up a career-high plus-42 rampage while helping his team to end a nine-game drought and leading them to an emphatic performance and win.

Lowry explained in a marathon 23-minute-long post game Zoom session with the media that the sensation of not knowing what “the next step” would be could only be described as “weird”.

Every Time Might Be Last

When asked why he had made playing a hard game his own personal trademark, Lowry responded by saying that nobody could ever know when any opportunity was going to be their final chance to play and show what they’re capable of. He said every time a player entered the floor it could very well be the final opportunity to do so.

Lowry added that even though he’s not the tallest or even the most athletic or fanciest guy out there, he still played hard – and that playing hard was what had served him well all throughout his career.

Wednesday’s game saw Pascal Siakam lead the all-scorers way with a total of 27 points, with OG Anunoby coming in at a close second at 23, and Powell at 22. Also chipping in on the final score had been Fred VanVleet with 19 for the Raptors.

Powerful End To Raptors Drought

For the Denver Nuggets, it had been Nicola Jokic and Jamal Murray leading the points way, with 20 points each added to the final tally.

The Raptors had however put up a powerful performance of note, and the type of performance not seen in quite some time. Their determination was rewarded by a 98-81 lead with one quarter remaining to be played.

By the time the fourth quarter had arrived, it would be Lowry’s turn to rack up a deep three-pointer at a distance of three baskets from Paul Watson. This saw the Raptors doing their points magic all the way to a 21-6 run and a fourth resulting in Toronto increasing their magic result by 29 points.

By the time Lowry headed back in the direction of the bench, there had been a mere 5:43 remaining on the clock. The returning Lowry was welcomed all round with hugs from his fellow-Raptors.