Madison Square Garden Embraces Sports Betting

Jake Cooper | 18 Jan 2019

Madison Square GardenNew York’s Madison Square Garden is about as iconic as a pro-league sports venue as they come. It has a rich heritage of home grown sports and is as American Dream as it gets. The parent company of the iconic downtown Manhattan arena, MSG, also has strong ties with eSports and is a thriving location for pro-gaming events.

MSG recently took the sporting action to a potentially whole new level when it applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for brand and intellectual property related to sports betting. According to reports, the application involves the operation of mobile applications used to bet on sports events, the provision of information related to, and the general participation in wagering tournaments and events.

New York To Legalise Bets By 2020

In many ways, MSG’s proposed involvement in the rapidly growing world of US sports betting was written in the stars. The company has numerous affiliations with almost all of the US pro-sports leagues, and what with its strong presence in the world of competitive video gaming (eSports) it would by a crying shame if it did not explore the possibilities of offering sports betting services.

Sports betting was legalised in the US during June of last year, but whether the various states wanted to offer full-on services, remained at the discretion of each state as an individual region. New Jersey, the state that had been rallying for the strike-down of PASPA for many years, were first in line to implement the necessary changes in order to offer wagering services, with many other states expected to follow suit during 2019.

There are strong indications in the market that New York will legalise sports betting during 2019, alternatively, by the time 2020 rolls around.

Considering The Many Positives

A spokesperson for Madison Square Garden has said that its holding company is very interested in the many opportunities that legalised wagering could bring, and as the MSG brand is a well-known and iconic sports brand that is recognised as such the world over, it would make perfect sense to explore these avenues.

It isn’t yet clear whether on-site sports betting services are in the pipeline for the New York venue, or whether the offering will be purely digital. What is quite apparent is that MSG is particularly interested in producing digital content that will be tailor-constructed to serve the industry.