Former Man U Player Broke Betting Ban

Jake Cooper | 23 Apr 2019

Former Man U Player Broke Betting BanFormer Manchester United Football star Paul Scholes has been charged with placing bets on matches between 2014 and 2019. This goes against the FA Cup gambling regulations that prohibit people holding certain positions from placing bets on, or related to, the sport.

In an effort to control gambling and stop match fixing, in 2014 the FA Cup ruled that no players, staff or officials are allowed to place bets on the sport. The restrictions aren’t only on matches and tournaments, but also include future betting, in game bets and trades and hires. In addition, not only are wagers through sportsbooks prohibited but casual bets are banned as well.

The FA rules state that any person found to be breaking these rules is subject to fines and/or suspension.

Not The Only Guilty Party

Not only is Paul Schole a celebrated football star, he also holds shares in Salford City and was the manager of Oldham Athletic, up until last month. This would make any bets he placed against the FA’s policies. There is no evidence that he placed bets for, or against, Salford City or during his time as Oldham’s manager. The Football Association has given Schole until the 26th of April to respond to the allegations.

Paul has not made any public response about the betting allegations; he has however mentioned the reasons behind his short stay with Oldham. He managed the team for a mere seven matches, and sited owner interference as his reason for leaving. Theo of Oldham Athletic have declined to comment on both counts.

The charges against Paul are only the most recent in a spate that the Football Association has made. This year has seen charges laid against players and directors, and has led to the FA cancelling a sponsorship deal with a leading sportsbook provider.

Sponsorship Comes To An End

The FA cancelled its sponsorship deal with Ladbrokes after a single season. A further announcement revealed that the association has banned all sponsorship deals between itself and commercial organisations going forward.

Although the two organisations will continue to work together to regulate the sport, Ladbrokes will no longer be the official bookmaker of the FA Cup.

According to the FA, the rule of thumb is that, if you work in football in anyway you may not bet at all.