City vs Arsenal Preview

Jake Cooper | 12 Oct 2016

Manchester City and Arsenal clash this Saturday for the second time in just over a month. The stakes are high as Arsenal will be eager to show they can perform in big games against one of the top teams in the League.

The Gunners haven’t got off to a flying start this season but perhaps their victory over City in the Community Shield will provide a psychological edge and give them the momentum that they so clearly need.

Manchester City will come out firing on all cylinders in an attempt to put the Gunners in their place and prove they are still the team to beat, despite their shock 1-0 loss to Stoke at the Etihad.

A win is crucial for both teams if they want to have any chance of catching up with Chelsea as they continue to widen the League Table gap with their impressive performances.

Manchester City will want to consider a more aggressive offensive strategy if Mesut Özil’s injuries force him out of the game. Should City striker Stevan Jovetic’s hamstring injury also put him out of action, the side’s attack will be notably compromised.

With Özil’s and Jovetic’s attendance hanging in the balance, it is easy to take one’s eye off some of the other potential game changers that could play a crucial role this Saturday. After Danny Welbeck’s stunning performance against Switzerland on Monday, he looks certain to make his debut against Manchester City.

Welbeck has excellent pace and can finish strongly but will need the support of Santi Cazorla if he wants to gain traction in the game. Cazorla has been known to play very well in the big matches, and this will certainly be one of them.

On paper, Manchester City come across as favourites for the game. It’s definitely hard to argue otherwise considering the impressive line-up of Yaya Touré, Samir Nasri, and David Silva, all of whom Dzeko and Agüero can rely on for support. However, if Welbeck has a solid debut and is bolstered by his teammates, the Gunners might be able to bag a win at the Emirates.


Betway Odds:

Manchester City – 7/5

Arsenal – 7/4

Draw – 12/5