Manny Pacquiao Announces Retirement Plans

Jake Cooper - 02 Oct 2021

World-famous boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has announced he’s about to officially hang up his gloves for good. Pacquiao, who has now entered the world of global politics, on Wednesday announced his retirement from the ring.

The 42-year-old said in a video posted to his official Facebook page that retiring from boxing was a difficult decision to make. He said the realisation that his career in the sport was over was hard for him to accept.

Pacquiao is a 12-time world title holder and completed his 26-year career with a stunning 62 wins from 72 fights. Of his 62 victories, an unbelievable 39 were from knockouts. 

The legendary boxer lost the last fight of his career to Cuban fighter Yordenis Ugas in Paradise in Nevada. This was on August 21st, which marked his first stunt in the ring in more than two years.

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A New Era For Pacquiao

But while Pacquiao’s time in the ring is over, he’s now entering the next exciting phase of his life following his recent acceptance for a nomination by his political party. This means he’ll in May next year be running for president of the Philippines.

Pacquiao is exceptionally critical of former ally and current president Rodrigo Duterte’s style of rule. He is accusing Duterte of being guilty of advancing corruption in the country, and says he’s fully committed to now exchange fighting in the ring for fighting corruption and poverty in his home country.

The legendary sportsman also recently issued a stern warning by saying those guilty of corruption will soon find themselves facing the full force of the law.

A Living Legend To Many

Given his own rags-to-riches story, Pacquiao’s intolerance of corruption in the presidency is understandable.

Pacquiao left his poverty-stricken home when only a teenager before stowing away on a ship to Manila in search of a better life. He then went on to make his debut in the boxing ring at the age of only 16. He would continue to fight, and in doing so, eventually boxed his way out of poverty as he became an elite fighter and one of the highest-paid sportsmen in the modern world.

While Pacquiao remains a living legend, some feel his retirement should have come earlier in his career. One such voice is that of the 79-year-old retired boxer Eddie Banaag. According to Banaag, who says he’s for the longest time deemed Pacquiao his ultimate idol, the Philippine should have hung his gloves for the final time after 2019 victory over Keith Thurman. A win would have been a much better way to sing his final song than a defeat, said Banaag. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details