New York Mets Owner Exits Twitter

Jake Cooper | 01 Feb 2021

Steve Cohen quits TwitterNew York Mets owner Steve Cohen has called time on his personal Twitter account. His Twitter handle, @StevenACohen2, which enjoyed a loyal following in its more than 191,000 followers, disappeared after a particularly trying week that saw Cohen lost millions because of the GameStop Reddit stock drama.

Cohen on Saturday released a statement confirming that his family had received personal threats over the involvement of his company, Point72 Asset Management, in the trade debacle. Cohen wrote that even though he had greatly enjoyed interacting with Mets fans on social media, this particular joy was recently overshadowed by certain “misinformation” completely unrelated to the popular MLB franchise.

Twitter Not The Only Channel

Cohen also said that even though the plan was to take a break from Twitter for the moment, there are other ways for him and his management to listen to the suggestions of Mets fans, and that he remained committed to doing exactly that. He also emphasised once again his absolute allegiance to the team, the Mets community, and the fans – whom he said he considered to be the “best fans” in the sport.

A variety of mixed reactions soon followed, including several less-than-savoury remarks aimed at Cohen personally. The Mets owner reacted by stressing that the main thing to be kept in mind was that none of what had happened as part of the GameStop drama would have any effect on resources or the ambitions of the Mets to put a winning team on the field.

An Ironic Decision

Cohen as recently as November made a huge ado of how much he loved being on Twitter and getting to interact with Mets fans.

He even discussed how despite his anticipation of potentially challenging times after a five-game losing streak might be expected to make for a “tough” online crowd to please, he intended to continue his social media presence, and continue tweeting news and titbits to Mets fans.

Although Cohen provided no further explanation for his sudden Twitter exit – save for the reference to his family’s personal safety over the GameStop crisis – many anticipate that he will eventually make his way back onto the platform. Fans have certainly become accustomed to interacting with the Mets-boss, who purchased the franchise as recently as November 2020.

Steve Cohen is currently the wealthiest owner of an MLB franchise and managed to accrue quite a bit of popularity over his willingness to interact personally with fans.

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