MLB Proposes Delayed 154-Game Season

Jake Cooper | 03 Feb 2021

Updated MLB seasonThe MLB is considering the postponement of the upcoming new season by a month. The league has laid for commentary before the players’ union a pushed-out season that will consist of 154 games, and extended in total by a week. Full pay to players will be on the table should the season be played all the way through and in its entirety.

Inside sources have confirmed that the proposal has already been tabled, and that it was delivered to the players’ association on Friday, after which the association presented it to its own executive sub-committee on the weekend.

Success Not Very Likely

Sources have also revealed that by Sunday afternoon, the committee had not yet responded to the league. Indicative of the fact that the plan isn’t likely to be approved is the fact that the union was by Sunday evening advising its players to prepare for the regular season as if it were to start on time, and with Opening Day still scheduled for April 1st.

What isn’t clear, at least under the provisions and suggestions of the recently-tabled proposal, is exactly what players could expect to be paid in the event the 2021 season is for whatever reason(s) not in a position to run full-circle. Contingencies related to possible suspensions, cancellations, or future shortenings were not properly addressed. It is reportedly also not clear who would have any say over possible future changes to the season’s format, length, etc., and whether the players’ union would have any sort of say in any of the decisions.

League Wants To Buy Time

The league’s argument is one of an attempt to limit possible future damages. It reportedly hopes that a delayed start to the season could potentially lessen the impact of those challenges still currently in play as a result of the global health crisis.

The idea is essentially to buy time, which would allow the MLB to hopefully vaccinate many of its players and members of staff before the commencement of the new season. A secondary result would be that more fans would in such an event be able to attend live games – both during spring training as well as in the regular season.

The league first proposed the possibility of a delayed season about two months ago. This had been at a time when it became clear that the crisis that had nearly crippled last season would remain a threat for the foreseeable future.

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