High Speed Collision MLB Drama

Jake Cooper | 17 May 2021

Baseball collision on the pitchWhite Sox first baseman Jose Abreu and Royals third Hunter Dozier on Friday afternoon gave new meaning to the term high speed collision when the pair collided at full force during a pop-up along the first base line in the game between the Chicago White Sox and Kanas City Royals at Guaranteed Rate Field. The two basemen, both with injuries sustained from the high speed clash, had to exit the game immediately after.

What happened right before the crash was Dozier hitting the pop-up and running straight to first base, with Abreu coming in on the run to catch the ball. By the time Abreu was looking up at the ball, Dozier had already put his head own and launched into the run. The result was that the two didn’t see each other before it was completely too late to stop the lunge.

Record Run For Chicago

The White Sox have since then announced that Abreu has tested clear of concussion, with treatment received for a laceration to his face. Dozier, on the other hand, being slightly worse off, suffered a quad contusion, and is now on a day to day over discomfort in his neck.

Chicago came into the end of the week riding high on a six-game winning streak, while currently holding baseball’s best record of the season at 22-13. But with Eloy Jimenez and Luis Robert already out for the immediate count, also over (different) injuries, the White Sox cannot really afford having another man out.

End To A Winning Streak

Abreu has been a true stalwart and one of the game’s true ironmen over the past couple of years. He’s played in every single one of Chicago’s games this year so far.

Dozier, meanwhile, has lived a slow start this season, hitting .140/.203/.342, with 5 home runs scored across 32 games played. He’s been signed to a four-year extended contract valued at a cool $25 million by the Royals.

Kansas City is off to an equally slow start, with the Royals coming into Friday off a loss of 11 straight games.

Lucky for both teams, the recent bout of injuries has given rise to no more than a day to day for both players involved in the high speed crash.

The outcome of Friday’s game was a surprising 4 hits for the Chicago White Sox in a 5-1 loss against the Royals, thereby bringing to an end Chicago’s incredible winning streak.