The Scuttle Continues As MLB Deadline Looms

Damon Parks - 14 Nov 2021

From an outsider’s point of view, all seems right in the land of the MLB. Teams are meeting in secret to discuss possible trades, agents are sponsoring expensive dinners trying to determine interest in their clients, and league executives are discussing future rule changes with general managers.

But while all seems as it should be from the outside looking in, a dark and potentially dangerous storm continues to brew in the distance. Because in precisely three weeks, a soon-to-expire bargaining agreement could bring the entire industry to a grinding halt.

Should no new bargaining agreement be in place by a minute before midnight on December 1st, the MLB could call into action a lockout.

And it’s a lockout that will call time on all trade activity and potential future signings. In fact, it could even prevent players from making use of gym facilities.

Or in other words: the end of baseball as we know it. At least for now.

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Business As Usual For Everyone

Teams have been honing in on the situation as if nothing at all is amiss.

The Oakland A’s declared boldly on Tuesday that no one is exempt as they trim the payroll. And the Detroit Tigers declared that spending big was back on the cards for them.

There’s also the Seattle Mariners, a franchise trying hard to end the longest playoff drought in the history of North American sports.

For the New York Mets, the challenge at hand is trying to find a General Manger willing to live in New York, and for the Los Angeles Angels, to find proper pitching.

Basically, business as usual continues for just about everyone, with GM’s clearly unwilling to let anybody see them break as much as a drop’s worth of sweat.

It Ain’t Over Until It Is

Commenting on the looming deadline this week, Seattle Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto said the focus right now is on what needs to be done to make the team a better contender.

Moving forward and getting things done are all part and parcel of how the team operates, said Dipoto, and it’s not something likely to change anytime soon.

There also seems to be a great deal of confidence going around in the power of the upper hand, and in particular in MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred.

Said LA Angels GM Perry Minasian during an interview this week, Manfred is a man with a track record for getting things done. Minasian said the show isn’t over until it’s over, and until then, business will continue as usual. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details