Marcus Morris Slapped With $35k NBA Fine

Jake Cooper - 07 Sep 2020

LA Clippers forward Marcus Morris has finally pushed the NBA just a little too far over the tolerance edge.

The league on Wednesday slapped Morris with a sweltering $35,000 fine after he was found guilty of the reckless striking of the upper shoulders of Dallas Mavericks player Luca Doncic. This after Doncic had grown so frustrated and fed up with Morris that he (Doncic) had to be physically restrained by NBA officials and teammates from acting in retaliation.

The NBA also fined Doncic – in his instance for having thrown a basketball off the legs of a league official during the same Sunday-game. Doncic’s fine amounted to a slightly smaller $15,000.

Morris Can’t Stand Losing

Morris’ unusually heavy fine is according to the NBA the result of his having been previously found guilty of several other counts of similar misdemeanours. This according to a statement released by Kiki VanDeWeghe, who is the league’s executive vice president of basketball operations.

As for the incident that took place between Doncic and Morris, it’s perfectly understandable why Doncic would have reacted in the way in which he did. With the scoreboard tied at 25-all during the Mavericks’ playoff tie with the Clippers in the Orlando bio-bubble, 21-year-old Doncic had managed to bulldoze his way past the Clippers’ defence in order to score with relative ease – and of course putting his side ahead of the opposition.

However, just as his hands left the ball following the release of the shot, Morris leapt forward and whacked him (Doncic) at the back of the upper shoulder-area/bottom of the head.

Morris The Repeat-Offender

The most recent altercation between Doncic and Morris isn’t the pair’s first whilst in the Orlando Walt Disney bubble.

Things during Game 5 played between the two sides took a turn for the worst when Morris was spotted stomping on Doncic’s injured left ankle – with many questioning after the fact whether he had actually done so with the intention of causing further injury to the Mavericks star’s leg and foot.

During the post-game interview Doncic could be heard saying of the double-foul incident alongside Morris that he had initially hoped that what the LA Clippers star had done had not been intentional. But that looking back “now”, i.e. looking back following the second incident, he could not help but think that this was simply the type of player Morris was – and definitely not the type of player he (Doncic) had any desire having to deal with on the court. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details