Most Wagers Ever Expected for FIFA World Cup 2018

Jake Cooper | 11 Apr 2018

FIFA World Cup 2018 Set To Attract Most Wagers Ever All signs indicate that the 2018 FIFA World Cup, to kick off in Russia in June this year, will attract the most gambling bets of any sporting event in history. This prediction, while incredible, should not be too surprising, considering the fact that the Beautiful Game is already the most popular fan sport on Earth and that its fan base has been steadily on the rise over the past decade.

Also, the growing strength of the 32 participating teams has resulted in more contenders for first place, making for far more interesting (and potentially lucrative) betting opportunities. This is in addition to the influence of online betting, which has given countless more bettors access to World Cup betting markets.

Much Tighter Competition

The 2018 FIFA World Cup will be the 21st instalment of this iconic tournament. Traditionally, the World Cup trophy has been passed between a few dominant teams – Brazil (5 trophies), Germany (4), and Italy (4), with Argentina (2) and Uruguay (2) also maintaining a strong presence on the podium over the years.

In recent years, however, several other teams have emerged as significant contenders for the title of FIFA World Champions. These include (most notably) France, the Netherlands, England, Colombia, and Spain. Meanwhile, Argentina, which last took the title in 1978, seems primed for a comeback thanks to all-star players like forward, Lionel Messi.

The upshot of this for the gambling industry is the emergence of far closer odds than ever before – who will take the 2018 trophy is really anybody’s guess. This makes betting on FIFA World Cup matches far more exciting and (possibly) a whole lot more lucrative. Naturally, this has drawn thousands of new punters to join the betting pool.

Online Wagers and Promotions

In order to attract as many punters as possible, most sportsbooks will offer an array of special offers on FIFA World Cup 2018 wagers. This is just another way in which the number of wagers placed on this year’s event is sure increase.

Even more significant is the influence of online gambling, which has grown in leaps and bounds since the last FIFA World Cup in 2014. Not only are there exponentially more licensed sportsbooks now on the Web; the number of countries in which online gambling is becoming legal is growing at a rapid pace. Again, this will add considerably to the number of wagers made on the 2018 event.

Russia Blocks Illegal Betting

Lawmakers and regulators have warned that many of the wagers on World Cup matches will be placed illegally. In part, this is the result of the proliferation of elicit online betting sites. What’s more, a spate of match-fixing allegations have been lodged against host nation, Russia in recent years.

For its part, the Russian government has committed to clamping down on illegal gambling in the country. The task of eliminating illegal betting online will be that of various internet gambling regulators and international lawmakers.

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