Partners with AnonymousGamblr

Jake Cooper | 07 Jun 2018 Partners with AnonymousGamblrPopular online betting brand MyBookie is proud to reveal its recent decision to hire AnonymousGamblr as part of its on going efforts to expand and upgrade its ground breaking trading programme.

The operator recently issued forth a press release on the matter, offering details about its latest bid to improve its services for users in the US and beyond. According to the release, AnonymousGamblr, more commonly known as simply ‘AG’, is reportedly completely confident that is the premier site for all of punters’ sports betting needs, and is excited to be appointed as the brand’s oddsmaker. The often outspoken and notable expert has a huge following, and by endorsing MyBookie it’s almost certain that the betting world will sit up and take notice of the brand.

AG to Improve Brand’s Oddsmaking

In a statement, AG noted that when he was first offered the opportunity to apply his proprietary trading algorithms using, he did two things. Firstly, he revealed that he lit some candles out of respect for his fellow users that now had to go head-to-head with himself and his legendary reputation; and secondly, he ordered his front yard to be pulled up and fitted with a parking lot so that he could park multiple Lamborghinis in his driveway.

AnonymousGamblr joins the experts at MyBookie with over 13 years of experience in the world of online gaming. He has worked across the globe as both an advantage bettor and an oddsmaker, and has gleaned a massive wealth of knowledge from his time in the industry. His expertise in the sportsbook market is unparalleled, and according to AG himself, he is looking forward to educating those who wish to learn from his experiences.

Solid, Honest Info to Come

In his statement, AG added that he often sees the media incorrectly portraying the industry and the odds that it offers. In his mind, it is time that somebody (notably himself) rescued the situation and set the record straight to ‘right the wrongs of the past’. AG is now ready and eager to use his not inconsiderable abilities to handicap events and provide highly accurate estimations on the status of the US’s rapidly growing market to all members of the media.

He has pledged that TV personalities, bloggers and podcasters will now all have a solid source of information, and one that isn’t designed purely to attract public attention. He has promised an ‘unedited view’ into the extensive world of iGaming, and one without outlandish claims and inaccurate details.

For more information on the development, punters are welcome to contact AG via email or visit the official website.

Established in 2012, MyBookie is an online casino, sports betting, and racebook platform that is widely trusted among US players and punters. The brand promises easy deposits, professional customer services, and a constantly expanding range of sports odds for all of its registered customers. And now, it also has the advantage of having AG’s expertise as part of its offering.


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