Nadal Ends 2021 Tennis Season To Rest Foot

Jake Cooper - 25 Aug 2021

Spanish tennis star Rafael Nadal ended his 2021 season last week after his shock defeat at the Washington Open to rest his foot after an injury. The player’s coach, Carlos Moya, admitted that Nadal has not been in top form for some time.

Moya explained that the player experiences minimal discomfort when playing on a clay court. However, playing on a hard court makes the pain significantly worse.

Nadal suffered a round-of-16 loss to Lloyd Harris in Washington, his first game since his loss in the semi-final of the French Open. He did not participate in Wimbledon or the Tokyo Olympics, as he wanted to give his foot a chance to recover. The tennis pro withdrew from the Toronto Masters and the Cincinnati Masters before wrapping up his 2021 season.

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Time To Recover

In a statement, Nadal said that, while the early end to his season was unfortunate, it was necessary. He elaborated that his foot hampered his performance more than was necessary, and that it was clear he needed to take more time for his foot to heal properly.

The star player explained that he made the decision after discussing the matter with his team and with his family. He emphasised that he believes the way forward he has chosen is the best one if he is serious about recovering well from his foot injury.

Nadal added that the year has been one of missing events that mean a great deal to him, such as Wimbledon, the Olympics, and the U.S. Open. One of the reasons he gave for his poor performance and recovery was the lack of opportunities to prepare to play in his preferred way.

In addition to allowing his foot enough time to heal and recover properly, Nadal will make a few changes to accommodate how his feet have changed in recent years.

An Old Injury

Some tennis fans might be surprised to learn that the foot injury that has plagued Nadal this year is not a new injury. Instead, it’s one he sustained in the early days of his professional career, when he played in the Madrid Open final in 2005.

Nadal suffered the injury during the match and continued playing despite the pain. He won the title, but it can at the price of the rest of that season as well as his Master’s Cup debut and the first Major at the Australian Open. He returned to the game in 2006.

As Nadal said in his statement, the injury has not prevented him from developing his game and becoming a household name in tennis over almost two decades. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details