Nadal Weighs In On Novak Djokovic Controversy

Jake Cooper | 16 Sep 2020

Nadal Weighs In On Novak Djokovic ControversyUS Open-booted Novak Djokovic may have suffered at the hands of misfortune at this year’s event, but according to Rafael Nadal’s take on the entire debacle, the world number 1 seriously lacks self-control on the court.

Djokovic’s recent forced exit resulted from his having during the fourth round of his match opposite Spain’s Pablo Carreno hit line-judge Laura Clark with a spare ball by mistake. The Serb was subsequently defaulted.

But even though there clearly existed no intent to hit the line-judge in the throat on the world number 1’s part, Nadal says Djokovic should not have put himself in so precarious a position in the first place. Djokovic could have avoided the entire incident, believes Nadal.

He Can’t Guarantee No-Repeat

Djokovic has in the meantime not done much in terms of calming the fires of controversy. His latest default has been that of declaring himself unable to guarantee that he won’t be found guilty of a repeat-offence in future. Though he says he remains confident that no similar event will affect his future playing tennis, he says he cannot commit to never again committing the same mistake at any point in the future.

Despite his apparent remorse shown over the unfortunate incident, he’s not actually been able to convince all too many people of the authenticity of his reaction. Djokovic’s idea of an apology is nothing more than an off-standish stating of the facts of what had transpired at the time of the mistake.

But whatever the world number 1’s real intentions or feelings on the matter, he now faces having to settle a US$250,000 fine – being equal to his prize-money earned for having reached the fourth round of the tournament.

All’s Well That Ends Well

But Djokovic’s absence worked out pretty well for second-seeded Dominic Thiem. Thiem after a comeback off of two-sets down against Germany’s Alexander Zverev, went on to not only beat his opponent, but also to winning his first-ever Grand Slam title in New York.

Nadal is in the meantime making a return after more than 6 months on Tour and a subsequent US Open-skip – something Djokovic has also deemed worthy of critique. The decision to stay on clay and practice, said Djokovic of Nadal’s absence, will ultimately result in him enjoying a definite advantage.

The tennis world can only hope.